BEI Systems, is a biometric security company providing solutions to remedy Identity Theft and Credit Fraud. Differentiates itself by using our (patent pending) Exigency Process. This approach processes and expresses the details of someone’s finger as a unique algorithm, rather than matching it against a stored image on a database. This process will eliminate the need to store images of millions of individual fingerprints on a database, reduce operating costs, and maximize system-wide efficiency. Our process will allow for seamless integration of biometric security into existing systems, and enable secure virtual transactions.

The market opportunity for our technology is tremendous and subject to a high growth trend. The biometric identification market is projected to exceed $4.04 billion by 2007 for several reasons. In 2002 alone, credit and identity fraud cost banks and government over $47 billion. In addition, new legislation in the health care industry and rising security concerns attributed to terrorism will expand the need for biometric devices in the Healthcare and Transportation sectors.

BEI Systems will offer several biometric solutions designed to compliment our Imaging process and facilitate biometric accuracy and security in any environment.

BEI Systems, Inc. enjoys several key competitive advantages over the competition, including:

Our solutions are not application- or system-intrusive, meaning our products can seamlessly integrate into any existing platform.
Our products protect user privacy and eliminate the need for a government or corporate-based database system.
Our technology is a licensable design that can be integrated into OEM systems and products.