How our system works

How our system works

BEISYSTEMS core technology revolves around the use of Structured Light Illumination (SLI) and its application to various problems. Structured Light Illumination is one of the most accurate non-contact surface scanning methods. It is a commonly used method in scientific and industrial applications because of its high degree of accuracy and scalability to different object sizes. The concept is to project a structured pattern of light onto the target surface and extract the depth by the amount of deviation that the reflected light pattern undergoes. The state of the art techniques employ only visible light, making them completely safe, can be used in the presence of ambient light, yield non-ambiguous depth and when processed, result in a high density of accurate 3D point measurements.

A broad range of innovative security and control systems allows customers to select the solution that best meets their needs.

The 3D and touchless fingerprint systems from TBS combine unparalelled identification performance with impeccable hygiene and user friendliness. This technology edge has its greatest impact when high levels of security or large user groups are the order of the day. Be it 3D or 2D biometrics, RFID or anti-tailgating, the hardware and software has been systematically developed for customers with high standards, expecting reliable security and time management for every point of entry.